The City

The City

The largest city in the southern region of Espírito Santo, Cachoeiro de Itapemirim is known nationally and internationally for its industrial park of ornamental stone, with the largest concentration of ornamental stone processing companies in Latin America.

Also known as the Brazilian marble capital, Cachoeiro has one of the largest marble deposits in Brazil and is an international center for ornamental stones, responsible for supplying 80% of the Brazilian marble market.

With a population of about 200 thousand inhabitants, the city also stands out in the sectors of agriculture, dairy, transport and livestock, and still has dynamic and varied commerce.

Located at 136 km from Vitoria, capital of the state, Cachoeiro attracts some natural beauties that are postcards of the state, such as the stone of the Frade and the Nun and the peak of Itabira, besides being close to the regions of beaches and mountains.


Cachoeiro de Itapemirim

• Brazilian Marble Capital;
• Greater concentration of Latin American ornamental stone processing companies;
• Largest Brazilian pole of manufacturers of machinery and equipment for the rock sector;
• Distribution and excellence center of the sector.

Cachoeiro Stone Fair
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